AI Tornado Airsoft Impact Grenade BLK

AI Tornado Airsoft Impact Grenade BLK

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Airsoft Innovations Impact Tornado Airsoft Grenade � HFC123a or Propane powered! � Completely re-useable. Just reload bbs and gas! � Blasts 200 x 6mm pellets � Full 3D coverage. Not a shotgun blast or a disc distribution. A full spherical scatter! � Tough design survives gazillions of throws! We don’t know how many blasts to failure, but we’ll keep counting. � No loose parts to lose. Keep track of the pull pin though. � Easy to quickly render safe for safezone handling. ALWAYS throw airsoft grenades underhand, and avoid throwing airsoft grenades directly at other players. Proper eye protection should ALWAYS be worn when handling and using this airsoft grenade.


  • Velocity: Between 65fps-140fps (first to last shot)
  • Loaded Weight: 260g
  • Triggers at one inch drop to floor
  • Propane powered
  • Completely re-useable